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Treating Our Customers Like Family

So what on earth is a Fetzerhaus?  Fetzer is the last name of our founder, and it was a life goal to name a business mixed with his German roots. “Haus” is simply the German spelling of the word house! We say this because when you become a part of the Fetzerhaus family, you join our house. As a member of our household we promise to be proactive in 3 main things: protecting your business' cyber presence; preventing costly downtime by preventing IT issues, and being your partner for life. Under our roof, you are protected by our team of professionals dedicated to your success and growth. We have been serving the Indianapolis area since 2018 providing IT services such as Helpdesk, PC, server and mobile device support as well as consulting for small to medium sized businesses! With us, your success is ours. Let’s Grow Together

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our Team

Meet Your New Family!

Kinnon Roudebush

Systems Engineer

Josh Fetzer

Founder and President

Daniel Minth

Digital Marketing and Content Development

Christian Davis

Installation Tech

Caleb Todd

App Development Apprentice

Austin Rogula

Marketing Intern